We are highly experienced Underfloor heating specialists and our work in this department is to the highest standard. Underfloor heating is very easy to install and is very clean, economical and efficient. It requires only low temperature warm water and is ideal for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps.

There are 4 main types of system for underfloor heating:

Underfloor Heating Mats

Underfloor heating mats are our most used system. All you need to do is roll out the mat until it’s used up. The cable can be removed from the mat to shape into any awkward spaces if needed. This system is ideal for kitchens, lounges, dining rooms and most other areas and comes in various different power outputs.

Underwood / Carpet / Vinyl Foil Heating Mats

Our advanced aluminium heating mats are designed to be installed under carpet and vinyl floors. The foil heating mats are fully earth screened utilising an aluminium foil covering, this means they can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms & kitchens, in full compliance with electrical & building regulations

Underfloor Loose Wire Systems

Our loose wire systems are ideal for smaller, more awkward, areas such as bathrooms. The cable comes as one long continuous roll, on a drum, and your installer has to space the cable out evenly over the floor, this offers them freedom to space the cable evenly no matter how awkward the room shape.

Inscreed Heating Systems

Inscreed Heating Systems are only normally used in new extensions or conservatory project as they take longer to heat up. In screed cables are designed to be fixed to re-bar, which has been laid into foil faced insulation and directly under a screed.